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North Avoca, NSW, Australia
robsWORDS is my name... I suppose you could say im am an artist who draws he's inspiration from nonsense and all of life's creations that don't need to be making sense… I really enjoy the sun, its power and effect it has on all of us through our senses... its energy can change my creative decisions so quickly... i thrive on spontinuity, it shines in my art, traveling, music and water/land activities... Thanks for stopping by and having a little look... enjoy

Nov 12, 2012

hello there, so if i have told you to come check out some of my drawing and nonsense on this page thanks for stopping by the monster mash potato mash up of robs-words.
i haven't been up loading much this last year and a bit, its been hard because not much interweb action has 

been at my finger tips. 

ive been in europe and morocco for a while visiting some great places, making a lot of new life long friends, surfing a lot of waves, eating wierd wonderful foods, and expanding my mind creating and painting using different mediums... 

whether it be painting a wall, caravans, surfboards, hard boiled eggs, human torso's or even cutting and pasting or making a colourful macaronni necklace then eating it with a nice bolognese and parmesan ive enjoyed myself a lot.
i hope you enjoy the monster mash potato

Nov 3, 2012

jacket potatoes

 here is a painting i did with acrylic and some ink... jacket potatos mmmm yumm just need some sour cream and some herbs on these lil guys.

bon app

Jun 1, 2011

May 19, 2011

GIRAFFE child:
• good at basketball
• frisby
• netball
• picking apples

(his face is similar to the breakfast tiger)

to make me BREAKFAST
in bed